Welcome to Metin2Nirvana

This server features 3 channels and is brought to you from experienced admins. We believe that non-paying players should achieve in Metin2 as well as players who support us with money. For this reason, we've made it possible for you to farm Nirvana Marks (NM) in-game. You can also win these at events! Nirvana Marks can be used in the itemshop to purchase costumes for your head or body, or other various items to boost your character performance. Normally, NM is only available to players who purchase Nirvana Coins (NC) and then spend them. People who do decide to support us and purchase NC will receive 1NM per every NC spent. We hope you enjoy your time with us and become a strong part of your kingdom.

Server Details
3 Channels - Level 150 Max - Official Costume System - 2013 Client and Server Files
Custom Dragon Run - Official Pet System - Custom Anti-cheat - Attractive Armors & Weapons - OX Event every Tuesday and Thursday - PvP Tournament
Custom Fixes - Self-Made Bonus Script - Win & Farm NM in-game! - Win coins in events!