Welcome to Metin2Nirvana

August 29th, 2014 @ 14:00 CST

Hey all, sorry for the delay in revealing the news but I didn't know anything until about 15 minutes ago when the host was ready to give me the answer we are all waiting on.

If you don't already know, there was an intrusion to the servers at the host and they immediately shut down the network to prevent player information, and server files from being released. During shutting down the servers and/or the
intrusion it turns out the data for several of the servers has been LOST. This INCLUDES Metin2Nirvana. This means that everything is lost.

In reality, the server didn't look like it was going to last much longer anyway because of low player count. You can thank NovaMetin2 for that. These jealous kids went around DDoSing several servers (and even DDoSd a Metin2
community site) but as far as I know they started with us. They wanted to take out who they're most jealous of first. You can send your messages of disgust to eddy mhawej and jovany mhawej. The server lasted from August 1st, 2013
until August 29th, 2014 (officially).

Thankyou to everyone who made this a fun place, thanks to the players who supported the player count and supported the server financially. Very much thanks to [GA]Tox, [GM]Infuse, and [GM]Fairy for being excellent admins. Thankyou to Tox for pitching in when we needed funding for expensive
DDoS protection. Thankyou Infuse for always being polite to players, giving them a welcoming experience. Thanks Fairy for putting in effort to organize events and boost the server back to a higher population.

If you want to check out more servers, or maybe learn to make one of your own.. feel free to stop by and pick something up. This isn't a place to beg or ask for cheats. This is for submitting your own work or obtaining work of others. Be thankful .

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